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I have had a interest in history and mythology since I was a boy, with a specific hunger for World War II history. This interest became a passion when I started collection Airfix and Matchbox 1:32 soldiers. This progressed into wargaming at 16 with Games Workshop products, developing into World War II wargaming having played Target Games, Rackham, I-Kore and Privateer Press 30 years later.

During this time I also created and illustrated an expansion book for a Target Games system call ‘Warzone’. Sadly the company ceased trading before it was published.

Combining these two passions, I decided to design, produce and print a D-Day expansion for a 28mm World War II system that I was playing at the time with no intent of producing it for financial gain. I took about a year and I played tested in at the club I was part of for a similar period. So this is what I came up with 🙂

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